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  • Marwa
    Date:4/9/2013 12:41:50 PM
    We are extremely happy with Entercaps work for our website.Read More
  • Mohamed
    Date:4/9/2013 12:43:41 PM
    Great service and communication. Prompt and affordable, The whole package in one. Thanks EnterCapsRead More
  • Alyamama
    Date:4/16/2013 2:24:15 PM
    I want to thank you for your efforts with our team to reconstruct our website and your cooperation on the making on the project until it became a real success and a reflection of our image .Read More
  • Step up
    Step up
    Date:4/16/2013 2:27:17 PM
    We all here appreciate your continuous efforts that you did exert in making this dream come true Read More
  • Oyma - Furniture
    Oyma - Furniture
    Date:4/16/2013 2:28:34 PM
    Many thanks for your continuing efforts with our evolving and improving website Read More
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Professional Graphic Design Diploma ENTER CAPS

website design egypt ENTER CAPS is a web design & development company so we offer web Master Diplomas as a professionals in this field we guarantee that our student will have a chance to be competitors in the market, it is not just a course for us, we Train them to be a Creative web and Graphic designers & Expert developers.


This Diploma is very significant to:

  • People who wish to learn web design using computer software; to obtain challenging position in labor market.
  • People who already work in works already in the field of Web Design and wish to improve their capabilities in dealing with the computer; to develop their career.
  • People who have self-studied Graphics Design and wish to enrich their knowledge throughout learning advanced skills and finding faster and easier ways to accomplish tasks assigned to them.

Professional Diploma in Graphic Design

Professional Group
Advertising concept 9 h
Color theory 6 h
Adobe Photoshop & Adobe bridge CS5 30 h
Adobe illustrator CS5 30 h
Adobe InDesign CS5 24 h
CV Art &Design preparation 3 h
Final Project 18 h
1 Hour Exam  
Skills Group
Buissenes skills
C.V skills
Duration : 120 h
Language : Arabic / English
Level : Standard
Type : Diploma
Delivery Method : Classroom
Code : Cs501

Description :


Advertising Concepts
1- Overview on Different types of media
2- Focusing on the main features for media.
3- Advertising Campaigns
4- Corporate identity
5- Mental image and branding.
6- Focusing on the offset printing and printing techniques.
7- Finalizing the printed files and the prepress procedures.


Color Theory
1- Basics of Color composition
2- Color Wheel
3- color harmony and different types of color schemes
4- The three dimensions of colors

Adobe Photoshop CS5

1- Adobe bridge interface descript
2- Adobe bridge main feat us & data Analysis
3- Adobe bridge Meta &XMP generator & keywords &search options
4- Automated tasks,scripts and actions
5- Photoshop interface, panels & main feature
6- Tools overview
7- Design & Layout introduction
8- Image retouch & adjustment tools
9- Type & type Graphics Adjustment layout check spelling , letter case , columns paragraphs format & editing
10- Color palettes type & usability
11- Gradients effects & styles , editing , usability & creating costuming new pallets
12- Layers order , arrange , Groups , Masks
13- Drawing paths using pea tool
14- Channels / color separates' , overview in Details
15- Brushes& Brash customization & Brash presets
16- Patters /editing /creating & Dealing with Diffract types of pattern
17- Filters & smart Filters
18- Photoshop relation & integration with other programs Adobe illustrator , freehand and Adobe In Design
19- Selection & Editing creating & customization selection
20- Color profile and Color descriptor.
21- Application + case Advertising Design

Adobe illustrator CS5
1- Interface & panels overview
2- File Preparation / units of neamnant & different types of media Design
3- Tools overview
4- Using color swatch
5- Drawing techniques, fill, stroke& different types of patterns & shapes
6- Brushes / how to deal with brushes
7- How to create customized brush
8- What is the different bet brush types & usability
9- Path finder combining, merging, dividing & dealing with compound paths
10- Meshes, Gradients & color mesh
11- Layers / Great / Remove /lock & Dealing with layers professional in details 12- Rotation, transform, Skew & Different ways to modify shapes.
13- Sprayer's tools & usability & CSS atomization
14- Drawing charts & flow charts + customizing colors
15- Visual effects & fitters in details + case study
16- Dealing with PSD photos hope professionally
17- 3D tools +Applications
18- Graphic styles, adding, editing& creating new Graphic styles for your Design& layout
19- Using different types of libraries inside illustrator brush library (Add, modify & use existing)
20- Graphic style library / symbol library swatch library (Add, modify & use existing)
21- Exporting in different extentions


Adobe InDesign CS5
1- Program workspace panels & Customizationn
2- Setting the new file , size, options & file type
3- Using rulers guides grids and different types of measurements
4- Page layout & Design
5- Align, distribute and transformations of objects.
6- Text tools & paragraph editing with image size liking embedding & clipping
7- Importing images and clipping paths, using different ways of clipping.
8- Page numbering
9- Master page
10- Layers & layer customization
11- Magazine & newspaper layout & Design
12- Web features of in design
13- Saving and Exporting with different file types and extensions
14- Indexing data and table of contents
15- Setting up hyperlinks and bookmarks
16- Printing and Offset Settings.

Recommended Knowledge :

Mastery of Windows operating system (any version) and using Internet effectively

Recommended Course(s) :


Category :


Training Materials :

Entercaps Official Courseware

Labs :

Gateway lab core i3
This package includes several labs to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Credential :

Upon completion the trainee will acquire Entercaps Certificate of Achievement

Related Courses:

Web development diploma
Mastering Dreamweaver CS5 ACE
Mastering Flash CS5 ACE

The Instructor:

Eng. Islam Mostafa
Creative and Art Director
Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop
Adobe Certified Instructor
Adobe Certified Expert Flash
CIW Associate
CIW certified Internet Webmaster Site designer
IBM e business certificate

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Contact Information:

64 A El Rashid Tower - El Mohandeseen - Giza - Egypt
website design egypt
+2 02 33 44 1945
+2 02 33 04 7526



+2 012 85 888 252
+2 012 86 000 427
+2 012 85 444 875

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